Hashira ranking from strongest to weakest in demon slayer anime

 Hashira ranking from strongest to weakest in demon slayer anime

The hashira are a set of the most powerful swordsmen within the demon slayer corps inside the anime demon slayer (kimetsu no yaiba). They may be answerable for combating the strongest demons and shielding people from them. Every hashira masters their personal particular respiration fashion that complements their skills and enables them to use incredible fighting strategies. In the anime, we are brought to 9 hashira who work under the leadership of kagaya ubuyashiki, the leader of the demon slayer corps. These hashira are:

  • Shinobu kocho - insect hashira
  • Mitsuri kanroji - love hashira
  • Obanai iguro - serpent hashira
  • Giyu tomioka - water hashira
  • Sanemi shinazugawa - wind hashira
  • Gyomei himejima - stone hashira
  • Muichiro tokito - mist hashira
  • Tengen uzui - sound hashira
  • Kyojuro rengoku - flame hashira
  • In this text, we will attempt to rank the 9 hashira from weakest to most powerful primarily based on their power stage, talents, accomplishments, and battles within the anime. However, please note that this ranking isn't always legitimate and can range based on viewers' and readers' evaluations. Therefore, we kindly ask you to admire our opinion and percentage your thoughts courteously and goodwill.

Ranking of the 9 hashira:

1* 9th area: shinobu kocho - insect hashira

  • Shinobu kocho is the insect hashira and is 18 years old. She is the most lovely hashira and is understood for her friendly smile and calm voice. However, behind that smile lies a tough and vengeful character that strongly hates demons. Shinobu makes use of the insect breathing fashion, which is a derivative of the flower respiration style. This style permits her to transport swiftly and gently, jump on walls and surfaces, and deliver short and sharp strikes along with her skinny sword.
  • But, shinobu lacks the energy to decapitate demons, so she relies at the poisons she creates herself to kill them. Shinobu has a spread of poisons that affect demons' our bodies, nerves, and blood in special ways. She uses these poisons skillfully and creatively in her battles in opposition to demons, specially in opposition to the upper moon , doma, who admitted that shinobu is the fastest hashira he has confronted to this point.
  • Lamentably, shinobu's poisons did not work in opposition to doma because he should analyze and eliminate them from his body. Therefore, shinobu needed to resort to a very last method of implanting a lethal poison in her very own body. This plan succeeded in killing doma but at the value of shinobu's lifestyles. Therefore, we region shinobu because the 9th most powerful hashira on our listing because she became unable to decapitate any demon along with her own power and did no longer live on her very last conflict.

2* Eighth region: mitsuri kanroji - love hashira

  • Mitsuri kanroji is the love hashira and is eighteen years old. She is a beautiful, kind, and joyful woman who loves adorable and delightful things. She additionally loves sturdy and courageous men and is searching for the affection of her life. Mitsuri uses the affection breathing fashion, which is a spinoff of the flower breathing fashion. This style allows her to deliver effective and flexible moves with her soft and thin sword, which no person else can use without by chance cutting themselves.
  • Mitsuri possesses a superhuman electricity known as soft muscular tissues, which makes her muscle tissue tender and elastic like rubber.This strength increases her strength, velocity, and flexibility in battles. It also makes her joints extraordinarily bendy, allowing her to move at unexpected angles. Mitsuri's weak spot is how others perceive her; each time someone despises her or doubts her abilties, her electricity weakens. That is due to her non-public insecurities. Notwithstanding this, mitsuri has shown exceptional resilience and resolution in her battles, proving her well worth as a hashira.
  • Based totally at the factors stated above, we rank mitsuri kanroji as the eighth strongest hashira on our listing.

3*Fifth rank: muichiro tokito - mist hashira

  • Muichiro tokito is the mist hashira and is 14 years vintage. He's a quiet and bloodless boy who's detached to what takes place around him. He has a vulnerable memory and does no longer do not forget his beyond or his call. Muichiro uses the breath of mist fashion, that's a derivative of the wind respiratory style. This fashion permits him to unleash powerful and mysterious strikes with his twin swords, which remodel from one sword into .
  • Muichiro is the youngest hashira in age but one of the most powerful in terms of electricity. He possesses a supernatural capacity known as a mark, which seems at the our bodies of certain swordsmen while their fight stage reaches a positive factor. This capability significantly complements the swordsmen's competencies and allows them to in shape the velocity and energy of higher moon demons. Muichiro is the first hashira to have his mark appear inside the anime, during his warfare against gyokko.

4*Fourth rank: obanai iguro - serpent hashira

  • Obanai iguro is the serpent hashira and is 21 years antique. He is a good-looking, courageous man committed to the leader of the demon slayer corps. He has a scar on his face and covers his mouth with a mask. He additionally carries a white serpent named kaburagi, who is his pal and assistant in battles. Obanai uses the breath of the serpent style, that is a by-product of the insect respiration fashion. This style lets in him to unharness effective and rapid strikes with his pink sword, which resembles a snake's tongue.
  • Obanai possesses a supernatural capability known as the serpent's eye, which transforms his proper eye right into a serpent's eye. This capability substantially enhances his visible perception, allowing him to look the actions of demons with precision and clarity. It additionally allows him to identify the weaknesses of demons, which appear to him as small lights on their our bodies. Obanai makes use of this capacity with skill and creativity in his battles towards demons, in particular in his final conflict against muzan.
  • Obanai has fought numerous battles against demons, showcasing his abilties and capabilities in every combat. However, his energy stage significantly increased in his very last conflict against muzan, wherein he regained his memory and his proper name. He also developed his breathing fashion to create a new one specific to the serpent, referred to as the red breath. This breath lets in him to unharness powerful and sizzling moves along with his sword, similar to flames.
  • Obanai managed to land decisive blows on muzan and become approximately to kill him if no longer for the intervention of kochou shinobu. However, obanai did not surrender and fought muzan with bravery and resolution. Sadly, obanai lost his existence on this warfare after inflicting a intense wound on muzan. Therefore, we rank obanai inside the fourth function in the hashira ranking in terms of strength due to the fact he verified great power and large improvement in his respiratory style and was able to land decisive blows on muzan.

5*Third rank: kyoguro rengoku - flame hashira

  • Kyoguro rengoku is the flame hashira and is 20 years vintage. He's a brave, loving, constructive, and enthusiastic guy who is also one of the most powerful hashira ever. He has a strong experience of justice and honor and respects everyone who fights to protect others. Kyoguro uses the breath of flames fashion, that is a spinoff of the fireplace respiration fashion. This fashion allows him to unleash effective and fiery strikes together with his yellow sword, akin to a flame.
  • Kyoguro is the primary hashira whose struggle in opposition to an higher moon demon we witness in the anime, that is his fight towards thethird top moon, akaza. In this battle, kyoguro showcased his abilties and capabilities in the usage of the breath of flames fashion and was capable of maintain up with akaza's pace and strength. He additionally proven his noble and influential persona, which stimulated the ones around him.
  • Kyoguro fought with first rate determination and sacrificed himself to defend others. He displayed exceptional power and resilience, refusing to backtrack even within the face of overwhelming adversity. His final struggle against akaza changed into a testomony to his unwavering spirit and willpower to his obligation as a demon slayer.
  • Kyoguro's legacy as a effective and honorable hashira is deeply reputable and trendy. His fantastic combat capabilities, combined with his noble person, place him inside the third rank of the hashira in terms of energy. He'll continually be remembered as a image of courage and sacrifice within the combat in opposition to demons.

6*First rank: gyomei himejima - stone hashira

  • Gyomei himejima is the stone hashira and is 27 years old. He's a huge, blind, friendly, and gentle man. He has a robust perception in buddhism and respects all dwelling beings. Gyomei makes use of the breath of stone fashion, that's a by-product of the earth respiration fashion. This fashion allows him to unleash powerful and heavy moves along with his considerable axe, comparable to rocks.
  • Gyomei possesses a supernatural potential called a mark, which seems at the bodies of positive swordsmen when their fight level reaches a certain factor. This capacity significantly enhances the swordsmen's abilities and enables them to fit the speed and power of higher moon demons. Gyomei is the third hashira to have his mark appear in the anime, during his war in opposition to muzan in the final arc.
  • Gyomei has fought numerous battles against demons, showcasing his abilities and talents in each combat. However, his energy level significantly accelerated in his final war against muzan, wherein he used the power of his senses to decorate the effectiveness of his breathing fashion. Gyomei possesses a superhuman sense that permits him to understand the actions, sounds, and scents of demons with excessive precision. This experience compensates for his blindness and enables him to peer the weaknesses of demons, which appear to him as small lights on their our bodies.
  • Gyomei controlled to land decisive blows on muzan and changed into about to kill him if now not for the intervention of kochou shinobu. But, gyomei did now not surrender and fought muzan with bravery and backbone. In the long run, he succeeded in killing muzan in cooperation with sanemi, obanai, giyu, and tanjiro. Therefore, we rank gyomei inside the first role as the strongest hashira presently, due to the fact he verified tremendous energy and a remarkable man or woman in his warfare in opposition to muzan, and because he changed into capable of kill the most powerful demon in history.


this is the rating of the hashira from weakest to most powerful.

In this text, we attempted to rank the nine hashira from weakest to most powerful based on their strength degree, talents, achievements, and battles inside the demon slayer anime. That is the ranking we have arrived at:

  • Ninth rank: shinobu kocho - insect hashira
  • 8th rank: mitsuri kanroji - love hashira
  • Seventh rank: uzui tengen - sound hashira
  • Sixth rank: giyu tomioka - water hashira
  • Fifth rank: muichiro tokito - mist hashira
  • Fourth rank: obanai iguro - serpent hashira
  • 0.33 rank: kyoguro rengoku - flame hashira
  • 2d rank: sanemi shinazugawa - wind hashira
  • First rank: gyomei himejima - stone hashira

Of route, this ranking is not reliable and may range in line with the reviews of visitors and readers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to appreciate our opinion and specific your personal opinion with respect and suitable intentions. We are hoping you enjoyed reading this article and hold to comply with the demon slayer anime, that is taken into consideration one of the first-class anime in latest years.

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