All the old anime series that aired on Spacetoon channel

All the old anime series that aired on Spacetoon channel

In case you are from the 90s era or the early 2000s, you in reality consider spacetoon channel, which aired the most beautiful and famous vintage anime series that left a mark within the hearts of tens of millions of viewers. Spacetoon is an arabic satellite channel committed to youngsters and adolescents, founded in 2000 and owned by using mbc institution. Spacetoon goals to offer enjoyable, academic, and cultural applications that admire the values and customs of the arab society.

Spacetoon channel aired a variety of programs, along with cartoons, films, recreation suggests, educational packages, and music packages. The channel categorizes its programs into four essential classes: sport, traditional, comedy, and action. Each category includes a set of tv shows that align with the pursuits and tastes of the viewers. In this newsletter, we can assessment a collection of old anime collection that have been aired on spacetoon channel and still evoke nostalgia amongst enthusiasts to at the moment.

Antique anime collection that aired on spacetoon:

Rekka no honoo (flame of recca)

  1. Original call: rekka no honoo
  2. Spacetoon name: shu'lat rika 
  3. Range of episodes: forty two
  4. Anime genre: martial arts, supernatural
  5. Year of production: 1997

  • Many people agree with that ninjas are a element of the past, however recca hanabishi dreams of being a ninja in the cutting-edge generation. In spite of his own family working in the fireworks enterprise, he likes to recall himself a present day ninja. This sounds fun, right? But the fact is that recca gets concerned in lots of troubles due to the fact he boldly declares that if he is defeated, he will become the servant of the individual that defeats him.

  • Then, in the future, recca meets a lady named yanagi sakoshita. She is a kind girl with an awesome ability to heal any wound or injury. This stumble upon ignites a sequence of terrific occasions. Recca discovers that he's the ultimate closing ninja from a legendary clan that become erased centuries in the past. Not handiest that, but he additionally discovers that he possesses the energy to control hearth. What does this mean for recca? And who're those mysterious those who are chasing him and yanagi? Find out all of that inside the story of "rekka no honoo"!

Shura no toki (age of chaos)

  1. Unique name: shura no toki
  2. Spacetoon name: qitaal al-tayf 
  3. Quantity of episodes: 26 (complete series with arabic dub)
  4. Anime genre: shounen, martial arts
  5. 12 months of manufacturing: 2004

  • The story of this anime revolves around a mythical clan referred to as "mutsu" who master advanced martial arts that enable them to defeat the most powerful swordsmen within the international. Handiest contributors of this clan had been able to defeating the strongest samurai and swordsmen with their bare arms. In this anime, we will experience the story of 3 heroes belonging to the mythical mutsu family and their adventure to overcome the most powerful swordsmen.

Black cat

  1. Original call: black cat
  2. Spacetoon name: al-qitt al-aswad 
  3. Range of episodes: 23 (entire collection with arabic dub)
  4. Anime genre: action, drama, comedy
  5. 12 months of manufacturing: 2005

  • The story of black cat anime revolves around a boy who works for an enterprise known as "chronos," which ambitions to erase criminals from the earth. However, the flaw on this agency is its ruthless and brutal strategies in handling criminals, making humans fear even mentioning its call. The "chronos" corporation contains the bestfighters in the world, trained to get rid of threats effectively. The protagonist, teach heartnet, is known as the "black cat" for his terrific abilties as an assassin. However, his existence takes a turn when he encounters a sweeper named saya minatsuki, who believes in justice and changing the world for the higher. Train's course diverges as he questions his loyalty to chronos and embarks on a adventure to protect those he cares about.

  • These are just a few examples of the old anime series that were aired on spacetoon channel. Other tremendous series encompass "captain tsubasa," "digimon journey," "yu-gi-oh!. Those series captured the hearts of viewers and played a huge role in shaping their anime fandom. Spacetoon channel holds a unique vicinity inside the memories of folks who grew up watching these cherished anime series.

Please word that the titles and translations furnished right here are primarily based on the records available at the time of the channel's airing.


All the antique anime collection that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Respectable call: inuyasha
  2. Call on spacetoon: inuyasha
  3. Wide variety of episodes: 167
  4. Anime style: ancient, legends, time travel
  5. Production yr: 2000

  • On kagome higurashi's 15th birthday, she is forcefully drawn into an ancient properly on her own family's shrine and transported to the beyond, in which she is relentlessly pursued by way of demons who are looking for the shikon jewel she unknowingly possesses.

  • She encounters inuyasha, a 1/2-demon boy who to start with mistakes her for kikyo and harbors resentment towards her. But, they join forces to search for the scattered shards of the jewel during the land to prevent them from falling into the incorrect hands. Kagome and inuyasha embark on a adventure to recover the misplaced shards and prevent their misuse with the aid of villains.

Peacemaker kurogane

All of the old anime collection that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Respectable name: peacemaker kurogane
  2. Call on spacetoon: sani' al-salam 
  3. Quantity of episodes: 24
  4. Anime style: movement, comedy
  5. Manufacturing 12 months: 2003

  • After witnessing the murder of his parents through a member of the shinsengumi, tetsunosuke ichimura develops a sturdy desire for revenge and energy. At the age of fifteen, tetsunosuke joins the shinsengumi, aspiring to emerge as considered one of its individuals. But, tetsunosuke lacks the essential skill and attitude to cut down people who threaten peace and the shinsengumi without any hesitation. Even with the assist of his older brother tatsunosuke and his new buddies within the shinsengumi, tetsunosuke stays unaware of the bloodshed and pain he will face as part of this historical institution.

Les misérables: shoujo cosette

All the old anime collection that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Official call: les misérables: shōjo cosette
  2. Call on spacetoon: al-bo'sa' 
  3. Range of episodes: fifty two
  4. Anime style: drama
  5. Manufacturing 12 months: 2007

  • In nineteenth-century france, a unmarried mom named fantine leaves her 3-yr-old daughter cosette with a own family that runs a eating place. However, the members of that family aren't type to cosette, and he or she endures mistreatment and servitude. Her wish stays to be reunited along with her mom. Cosette meets jean valjean, an sincere man who allows and rescues her from the wicked family. Cosette starts offevolved a new life with him.

Fushigi yuugi

All the antique anime series that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Official name: fushigi yuugi
  2. Name on spacetoon: al-sarab 
  3. Quantity of episodes: 52
  4. Anime genre: movement, adventure, comedy, drama, romance
  5. Manufacturing year: 1995

  • All through their visit to the countrywide library, miaka yuki and yui hongo stumble upon an antique, mysterious e book that attracts them with a pink light and transports them to a abnormal global. There, they stumble upon enemy slave buyers and slightly control to break out with the help of tamahome, a sturdy young guy with a chinese symbol on his brow. But, matters take any other flip whilst the red light kidnaps yui and leaves her by myself.

  • Desperately attempting to find a manner to return to her misplaced pal, miaka meets tamahome and that they collaborate. Miaka discovers that she is the awaited priestess who can summon thegod suzaku via gathering seven celestial warriors. Her journey starts to retrieve yui, fulfill her needs, and store the arena from evil.

  • As miaka tries to conquer the challenges and dangers on this atypical international, she discovers the energy of friendship, love, and sacrifice. Will she succeed in retrieving yui and gratifying her future as the priestess of suzaku?

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Ginga sengoku gunyuuden rai (rai: the thunderbolt)

All the old anime series that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Official name: ginga sengoku gunyuuden rai
  2. Call on spacetoon: hazim al-raad 
  3. Wide variety of episodes: 52
  4. Anime style: movement, romance, science fiction
  5. Manufacturing year: 1994

  • Rai: the thunderbolt is one of the exceptional antique anime collection that aired on spacetoon. The story of the anime takes place in area and combines historic chinese and japanese cultures with big space civilizations. The tale focuses on the existence of the samurai rai and his adventures, as well as the conflicts among one-of-a-kind factions in area to govern lands and empires.


All the vintage anime collection that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Official call: naruto
  2. Call on spacetoon: naruto
  3. Range of episodes: 220
  4. Anime style: motion, journey, comedy, drama, delusion
  5. Manufacturing yr: 2002

  • Moments earlier than the beginning of naruto uzumaki, a large demon known as the 9-tailed fox attacked the village of konohagakure, leaving in the back of destruction and chaos. To place an cease to the nine-tails' rampage, the village leader, the fourth hokage, sacrificed himself and sealed the huge beast in the new child naruto.

  • Now, naruto lives as an active and mischievous ninja in konohagakure. Because of having the 9-tails sealed inside him, naruto faces marginalization and struggles to find his location in the village, while fueled with the aid of his burning preference to become the hokage of konohagakure. Alongside the way, he encounters excellent new buddies and formidable enemies as well.

One piece

All the antique anime collection that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Respectable name: one piece
  2. Name on spacetoon: one piece
  3. Quantity of episodes: ongoing
  4. Anime genre: motion, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy
  5. Production year: 1999

  • One piece is a famous eastern anime and manga series created by way of eiichiro oda. The story revolves across the adventures of a boy named monkey d. Luffy, who goals of turning into the pirate king.

  • The story begins with luffy as a younger orphan boy residing on a far off island. Luffy gains the strength of the devil fruit, which makes his body rubbery and stretchable but renders him not able to swim. As a teen, luffy leaves the island and sets off on his journey to end up a pirate.

  • Luffy bureaucracy a crew of pirates called the straw hat pirates, consisting of participants like zoro, nami, usopp, sanji, chopper, and robin. The team collaborates to face numerous enemies and challenges of their journey, including fierce pirates, effective military forces, and the marines, the government employer that fights pirates.

Hunter x hunter

All the antique anime series that aired on spacetoon channel

  1. Legit call: hunter x hunter
  2. Call on spacetoon: al-qanas 
  3. Range of episodes: 148
  4. Anime style: motion, adventure, fantasy, supernatural, shounen
  5. Manufacturing 12 months: 2011

  • Hunter x hunter is a famous anime and manga series created via yoshihiro togashi. The story follows gon freecss, a young boy who aspires to end up a hunter, a member of a powerful and prestigious profession that involves trying to find treasures, searching monsters, and coming across hidden places, among different risky duties. The story begins while gon leaves whale island, where he has lived all his lifestyles, to take the hunter exam. In the exam, he meets intriguingcharacters and capability pals like killua, a near buddy of gon's and the son of a powerful own family of hunters.

In conclusion, spacetoon channel aired numerous old anime collection that protected ginga sengoku gunyuuden rai (rai: the thunderbolt), naruto, one piece, and hunter x hunter. These collection provided a diverse range of genres, inclusive of motion, journey, comedy, drama, myth, and romance, captivating visitors with their engaging tales and remarkable characters.

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